Eniola joined the school in year 8 having moved from his native country to England in 2018. He said that he enjoys the structure and friendliness that the school demonstrates now and cites the warm relationships he has with teachers and their continued presence around the school as the reason for it. 

Eniola enjoys English, Maths and Science and says ‘Teachers here help us achieve our potential and push to limits we didn’t know we were capable of’.

Eniola has been given leadership roles at the school including being a member of the school council and volunteering at the Summer School, competing against his peers for the opportunity and impressing the interval panel with his maturity and articulate responses. 

Eniola is part of the prestigious college programme and hopes to be the first boy in the school’s history to be awarded a scholarship to a selective sixth form.  He would like to pursue a career in IT and wishes to study Computer Science at University.