Hackney new school 042


As a student at Waterside Academy you will have amazing opportunities to develop, to challenge yourself and to succeed. 

The story behind the 4Cs… Care, Challenge, Confidence and Courtesy.

Our values are the 4Cs and are defined as ‘care, challenge, confidence and courtesy’. These values are embedded in our school culture and will continue to be what defines our school in the years to come under the new name. 

After much consultation, the student and staff body chose the heron logo with the 4 ‘C’s representing our values. There is a heron that often sits by the school decking and students can see it from the window. It is something of a mascot for the school and the heron was considered an apt logo for the school for this reason. The majesty of a heron in flight is one of grace and magnificence which reminds us of the confidence of our students when rising to challenges. When grounded, herons are still and tranquil symbolising the values of care and courtesy. Interestingly, herons have a ‘cosmopolitan distribution’ and exist on all continents except Antarctica and are present in most habitats. This is an apt symbol for our diverse school with students and staff from every continent in the world (except Antarctica!)