Guide for Students and Parents

Waterside Academy is entering a​ ​new and​ ​exciting time in its development.  The school is  undergoing a lot of changes to make it the best place to learn and grow in the local area.  

Since  arriving at the school at the beginning of July 2019, my team and I have seen potential in every  area of school life to ensure that every child makes excellent progress, achieves their academic  potential, is kind and caring and makes a positive contribution to their community.   To do this we  need to ensure everyone is clear on their roles and responsibilities so that we can create a  professional learning environment where everyone is safe, happy and learning.

In November 2019 Ofsted commented that we have created “a calm place to learn” and that  there are “systems and structures to teach pupils how to behave respectfully.”

This guide will help you and your child understand what is expected at Waterside. Based on  feedback from staff, students and parents, we have made some changes ready for January  2020 - these are indicated in bold.

Please read the following information very carefully. It is expected that students familiarise  themselves with the information laid out in this document and adhere to the rules. As a school we  cannot let standards slip and we cannot accept excuses. Please make sure your child is fully  prepared for the school year. We must start as we mean to go on and all students must arrive  with the right equipment, uniform and ready to learn. There will be a quiz upon returning to  school. Parents are advised to keep this document to hand as it will help you and your child  navigate through the changes to school life successfully.

I am very excited about the coming school year and beyond. We all have a lot of work to do, but I  know that with parents, staff and students all pulling together for a common goal, we will achieve  great things here.

Best wishes

Francis Bray

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