Health and Wellbeing

At Waterside Academy we promote healthy lifestyles, wellness and activity. At Waterside Academy every child has a dedicated ‘ Wellbeing and Achievement coach’ who they meet with at least once a week and discuss personal development, health and navigating social situations. 

We start every morning with a group assembly and teachers and students join together to enjoy poetry and express appreciation through an ‘attitude of gratitude’. There is time for reflection and motivation each day to aid mindset development. 

We ensure students have access to a wide range of healthy fresh dishes at break and lunchtime and regularly promote healthy eating habits including staying hydrated. The school is on course for a Healthy Schools Award in 2022. 

Our dedicated team of Pastoral staff are on hand to support students with their wellbeing and mental wellness.  They offer a listening ear and signpost families to counselling and other services where appropriate.  We help students develop wellness and 

We work with the School Nurse service to ensure that students are up to date with their immunisations and families are supported with medical needs.  We supply covid testing opportunities to students and staff at school.

We encourage parents to get in touch and discuss their child’s health and wellbeing at any opportunity.  If you would like to get in touch please contact  your child’s Head of Learning in the first instance:

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Salim Foughali