Why should I choose to study History?

You should choose History if you are interested in the world around you. GCSE History is an exciting subject that will help you develop valuable skills and useful facts. History is a subject valued by universities and employers due to the wide range of skills it helps you learn, including; Independent thinking, problem solving, personal discipline, analytical skills, excellent communication and investigative skills.

History is a fascinating subject which gives students an insight into how people used to live and why things have changed over time. Anyone with an interest in the world around them and how we have got where we are today should consider taking History, particularly if you have a good memory and enjoy writing.

The career opportunities for this subject include agriculture, consultancy, the public sector, energy and utilities.

How will I be examined?

  • You will have 3 exams at the end of year 11, which together will cover all four of the units you have studied
  • These 3 exams will be assessing you on your knowledge and understanding analytical ability, source skills and interpretations understanding
  • Two of the exams will be worth 30% and the exam that combines two units will be worth 40%

What will I study?

  • Crime and Punishment through the ages (including an investigation of Whitechapel 1870-1900)
  • Early Elizabethan England, 1558- 1588
  • Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918- 1938
  • The Cold War, 1914-1991

Recommended text books, additional reading and online resources

  • History textbooks and revision guides
  • Website with key information about the topics

Film documentaries including:

  • Rise of Evil
  • Thirteen Days
  • Unmasking Jack the Ripper
  • Crime and Punishment with Tony Robinson
  • Henry VIII