Why should I choose to study Geography?

Throughout the GCSE Geography course students have the opportunity to consider a variety of geographical issues and, in doing so, become knowledgeable and critical geographers.

There is a strong emphasis on the understanding of physical processes in the environment, as well as the management and mismanagement of resources by people.

Students also have the opportunity during this course to develop their fieldwork skills. Geographical skills make up an important component of the GCSE course and will be assessed within all three of the exam papers. Ordnance survey (OS) maps or other maps may be used in any of the three exams.

The career opportunities for this subject include agriculture, consultancy, the public sector, energy and utilities.

How will I be examined?

AQA Specification is an exam only course you will sit 3 exams.

  • Paper 1, Living with the physical environment Written exam – 1hr 30mins (35%)
  • Paper 2, Challenges in the human environment Written exam – 1hr 30mins (35%)
  • Paper 3, Geographical applications Written exam – 1hr 15mins (30%)
  • Pre-release resource booklet available 12 weeks before paper 3 exam

What will I study?

Paper 1

  • Living with the physical environment
  • The challenge of natural hazards The living world
  • Physical landscapes in the UK

Paper 2

  • Challenges in the human environment
  • Urban issues and challenges
  • The changing economic world
  • The challenge of resource management

Paper 3

  • Geographical applications Issue evaluation

Recommended text books, additional reading and online resources

  • BBC Bitesize Geography
  • CGP Revision Guide
  • Wideworld Magazine, available in the school library
  • PiXL Geo App - Your son/daughter have been given login details to access this