Louise St Pierre

Louise St Pierre

Regional Director - Curriculum and Assessment

Subject Taught:  Mathematics

Why do you love your subject? I have always been very fortunate that Mathematics was something I have enjoyed from a young age, especially the satisfaction gained from solving a problem. Maths opens a lot of doors in the world of work and ensures that you can make informed financial decisions throughout your life. There are many times in the news where Statistics are manipulated as evidence for a particular narrative and it is key that we can decipher this information to form our own opinions. I am passionate about students gaining a level of Mathematics that they need for their next step in life and leave my class feeling they can do Maths. 

What university did you attend and what did you study?  Nottingham University- BSc Hons (1st in Maths), Warwick University- Masters in Educational Leadership

What do you want for our students at Waterside? I want our students at Waterside to leave with outstanding results. This will allow them to have their choice of Further Education and employment which can go on to them leading a happy, and fulfilled life. 

Interesting fact: I have a horse called Noah and spend my spare time show jumping.