School careers lead

Our Careers and Aspirations Manager is Samira Ahmed. Her role is to provide information, advice and guidance to help students make realistic choices about their education.

Her main responsibilities are to ensure that students are provided with the correct information and advice when making decisions about post 16 education and training.

  • Organise work experience for year 10 students
  • Arrange option evenings in partnership with other educational establishments
  • Plan and organise our career fairs
  • Organise and participate in IAG events at Waterside Academy and other events where appropriate
  • Provide parents/carers with information about the services that are available to help young people make effective learning and career decisions
  • Provide comprehensive information to parents regarding work experience.

Parents, please get in touch directly with Mrs Ahmed if you would like any career-related information or advice for your child. All students in year 11 will receive a one-to-one career interview which can be conducted with parents present when requested.

Employers, if you have an apprenticeship, work experience or part-time work opportunity we would love to hear from you.  Please contact Mrs Ahmed.

Contact Information

Careers Lead: Samira Ahmed
T: 020 3019 3811

If training providers would like to talk to our students about technical education and apprenticeships, please contact our Careers Lead to be included in one of our careers fairs or talks.

Other Key Contacts

Careers Governor: Richard McCallum 
Enterprise Advisor: Benjamin Walker