School meals

All students are expected to have a school lunch or bring in a healthy pack lunch

  • Parents should top up money for lunch using ParentMail. Log on details are available from
  • Students who are entitled to free school meals will be automatically topped up.
  • The school lunch meal deal costs students £2.60 per day. There is now a more varied range of lunch options from our new caterers, Olive Dining
  • All students, including students entitled to a free school meal, who wish to purchase a break time snack should top up using school money
  • Any student who does not have sufficient funds can be issued on one occasion with a lunch pass. They should speak to the school receptionist about this. The receptionist will contact parents to inform them a pass has been issued. Parents are expected to top up funds, including payment of the lunch pass within 24 hours.  Any parent who has a problem paying for school lunches should contact the Family Support Worker to discuss this
  • Each day there will be a wide range of food options, catering for all dietary requirements
  • If a student has allergies or intolerances, their parent or carer should contact the Family Support Worker to discuss them and provide any medical evidence. An appointment will be set up with the chef for parents to discuss where relevant.